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Stitched With Love

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Much like my grandmother’s quilts, my life and career is stitched with love. My grandmother would often use scraps and remnants of fabric to design one of a kind masterpiece quilts.

My home life and career are intertwined and also patterned this way; I embrace the ugly remnants, the mismatched pieces and the luxurious scraps of life because after all, our imperfections are beautiful and make us genuine and authentic. My grandmother, a master quilter and braider, taught me to sew and braid when I was in grade school and knew I wanted to do hair ever since I received a toy doll head (the one with the fake blow dryer, brush and rollers included) for Christmas. Who knew the skills my she thought me would be the foundation of my business. Folks, I literally sew hair and teach others to sew hair for a living. Hair, helping others and the beauty industry are such a huge part of my life. It’s given me so many opportunities to grow in my personal development and in my career.

My hair money paid for my travels;

I’ve seen Harajuku girls in Tokyo and sipped limoncello at the Amalfi Coast. Doing hair gives me access to some amazing clients; people who have something to say and something to prove. The greatest part of my career is that it allows me to be a creative and generate a healthy income. My current personal goal is to keep a large percentage of my earnings, save and invest in myself and in others. Join my journey on how make money while still balancing your time for rest and fun. If you are a salon pro, sign up for wholesale pricing.

Our mission

Is to provide high grade, wholesale priced, luxury handtied hair extensions to fellow hair stylists. We are committed to personalize service, ethnically sourced hair, concise organizational storage and sustainable, reusable packaging.

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